The Exchange Hotel history dates back to the licensing court held on the 8th October 1884 when James WAIT purchased the licence of the “Barr Bridge Hotel” on the Koondrook Road near the Barr creek, and he then applied for and was granted permission to transfer the licence to his establishment in Wellington Street.

James WAIT held his licence until July 1890, William YEO then took over till 1897, then James and Mary WAIT were back in charge until October 1899, Mrs Annie O’REILLY took over for the next 12 months, and then Mary TREVEAN until June 1901. In July 1091 Mrs Louisa E PARKER obtained the licence. Unfortunately five months later in November 1901 the hotel burned down. Mrs PARKER rebuilt and opened the new building is July 1902 and named it “PARKERS KERANG EXCHANGE HOTEL”. Louisa continued until March 1911 when Walter P DANISH became the new licensee, when Walter died in 1916 his wife Agnes managed until 1917.

Other licences were:

Austin J SHEERAN 1917 – 1921, John W HOGAN 1921 – 1924

Andrew T WILKINSON 1924 – 1925, Frederick W LUPSON 1925

Robert W McCRABB 1926, Carter Bros & Usher 1927

John E LALOR 1928, Herbert W ALLEN 1929, Martha GROGAN 1930

Frank PAY 1931, Florence E WILLIAMS 1933, William MARSHALL 1934

Rita LAING 1935, Clifton H LAING 1936, James, Eva & Ann QUINN 1938- 1957

Michael KEARNEY 1958, FC & BA FRATER 1959, D & J O’ROURKE 1962

MR & AE BURROWS 1966, Alan & Faye HICKMOTT & C & L J ROBERTSON 1971

Alan & Faye HICKMOTT 1973, Garry & Dianne GRUNDY 1977, Vic R HUNTER 1980

S PETERSON & G GANDY 1983, Wayne DOWIE & Elizabeth NEILL 1986

Eric J WILSON 1987


From here on exact dates are not available

Len & Helen SKERRY, Tony IRWIN, Butch SAUNDERS, Pat & Kim MODRA

Brenton NUNN, Carole & Ian WANDIN 2004 - 2011


And presently

Amita & Sukhinder GILL May 2011 onwards